Voice termination

· the Premium routing uses mostly bilaterals with our partner PTTs around the world, as well as white routes resold by these partners. CLI passes on many destinations and we use this routing for our own retail offering accross the United States. This routing also allows termination to MSRN roaming numbers in most countries.

· the Economy routing is a simple LCR among tier 1 carriers and niche voip providers. It offers lower rates but with a lower quality of service.

Domestic USA call termination can also be offered at an attractive blended rate, or at a NPA NXX based pricing.

These service are available via a voice over IP interconnect over the public internet where SIP and H323 protocols are supported.

telna Mobile

telna Mobile is Telecom North America's cellular service with global voice, SMS and data coverage for international travelers.
Through our wholesale Instant-MVNO service, companies around the world can provide cellular service for humans or machines (M2M) in 200 countries, all without capital expenditures. A network API allows customers to interact directly with the mobile core GSM network and to integrate the product seamlessly into their existing processes, including using their own phone number ranges and providing their own call termination, if required.

You can access a demo of the telna Mobile portal by clicking here.