telna Mobile launches roaming profile editor

Thanks to the newly launched roaming profile editor, telna Mobile's Instant-MVNO customers can now decide on their own, and in realtime, which networks in which countries their customers can use. This allows them to restrict access to more expensive networks in case the MVNO wants the ability to optimize its retail prices.

In addition, the roaming profile editor makes it possible to decide where to use callback technology, or prepaid direct dial. Here again, telna Mobile gives maximum flexibility to its MVNOs by allowing them to provide the convenience of prepaid direct dial to more sophisticated customers, or to use callback for the customers that need even lower costs.

Finally, the roaming profile editor gives telna Mobile's MVNOs the chance to set up "steering of roaming" in just a few clicks. If a given network in a country doesn't provide the best possible rates, it is quite easy to steer customers toward cheaper networks, thanks to the roaming profile editor.